Works Design- Process Revealed!

With every project whether small or large, we always have a process. Without one, chaos may ensue! Last time we talked about naming specifically, but why not the general process?

What I mean is, not just the paperwork and file gathering- the foundation work to get us in the right spot to begin and execute the project at hand. Now for the smaller endeavors, this is not necessarily relevant but we thought to walk you through our process at a high level just so you can understand a bit more about how we make the magic happen.

Our project flow is laid out into four sections: Discover, Create, Iterate and Optimize.

Let’s go little deeper on each.

Discover: We Learn

In this phase, first and foremost, we define the project goals, KPI’s and deliverables. This helps us kickstart our discovery in knowing what we are looking to get out of this project. We as a team both internally and along with a client, work together to learn all that we can. Whether it’s the competition, cross category, store and digital presence, trends and of course the history- we learn it all! From there, would be to start with mood boards which that include inspirational imagery and general aesthetics to express overall possible visions for the brand. We too discuss strategy. We look at where you are, where you want to be, and how we can help to get you there.

Create: We Explore

After we share those initial mood boards and strategies, we discuss and we GO! During this stage we will explore the possible pathways to success through design exploration. We deliver unique concepts ranging from close in to further out. It is our job to give you what you asked for, but also what you need. In other words, we would be doing a dis-service if we didn’t push thinking. Sometimes-sometimes it works!

Here we take a look concepts that visualize multiple design strategies through exploration around hierarchies, supporting graphics, font treatment and color palettes. Each concept in the presentation comes with additional inspiration and creative explanation along with brand execution examples to provide context (i.e. social media, apparel, etc.) 

Iterate: We Refine

Here, we take your feedback and we make tweaks. Whether its color, font, overall design aesthetics- we refine until we get it right. We too spin this out to show you how these elements should be used- whether it’s a style guide, multiple skus in a line- we want to make sure that you understand and are in alignment with the overall vision and execution.

Optimize: We review

Here, we take a look at what we discussed initially and the outcome. We decide as a team if we met the brief and the goals, Lastly,  we give you everything you need. We collect all files, provide links, logos, colors- anything you need to take it to the next level. This sometimes involves printer conversations, press checks- you name it. Our goal here is the same-success!


Questions? Ask us! 

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