Hatfield Quality Meats


A broad-based, close-knit relationship.

We have supported Hatfield Quality Meats with brand strategy and package design across multiple brands and hundreds of SKUs. Over the course of our relationship, we have managed production management and printer relations, and we have supported them with a wide variety of marketing initiatives.



Research and strategy underlies all of our work.

All of our work is grounded in extensive research, and our processes with Hatfield have seen us visit dozens of stores in multiple regions across the US, while doing deep dive exploratory with color, texture, iconography, trends, and a variety of other items.


Bottom Line

Refreshed brands with real results

In addition to periodic small scale projects, we helped Hatfield redesign their lines of marinated meats, uncured meats and recipe starters. In so doing, we developed multiple design systems and a modern yet approachable look that has attracted a younger, aspirational consumer base, while preserving their cherished legacy consumers.