Field Trip Cannabis


Branding, Packaging

In continuing to work with the newly minted Wondergrove parent company, we next had the opportunity to name and develop the brand for their flagship flower and pre roll category. When it came to the flower line, this was a whole new mood. This was to be a much more approachable, laid back vibe which we wanted to come through not only in the name but the brand look and feel as well.

Out of our original list of 11 names for this category, Field Trip rose to the top. 

To achieve the easy-going, approachable vibe, our team developed a sixties surfer-style identity that draws inspiration from old-school suitcase stickers and hippy dippy icons.

The Field Trip portfolio offers many different strains and as such, we wanted to develop a flexible packaging system that included a standard pre roll box that can be modified with stickers indicating the variety. This allows the growers to continue to innovate without the added expenditure of reprinting packaging.


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