Branding Times is an industry publication reporting on the latest news, insights and trends from the branding and design world. We are owned and published by Works Design Group, a full-service creative agency that inspires brands to be better seen, heard and felt. From brand redesigns to innovations in virtual reality, our team of writers investigate all of the ways that our industry impacts CPG and retail. 

Meet the Team

Taylor Getler

One of the youngest faces at Works Design Group, Taylor works in business development and is passionate about marketing, branding, and design. She is especially interested in trendspotting and keeping up with disruptions to the industry.

Rachel Cannon

With experience in packaging and corporate branding, Rachel understands the importance of pace, range, and context. She focuses on clean design, fresh typography & compelling imagery to deliver a finished product that stylishly suits each client’s brand.

Kristin Meile

Kristin has a tremendous amount of energy and brings new life to our team. Having a design management background on both the corporate and agency side of things, she brings fresh thinking, strategy and process improvements to our company.

Chris Burton

Chris is obsessed with the way everything around him works and communicates. Hailing from Drexel’s Westphal School of Design, he entered the industry working with toy packaging and user interface design. Ever since, he’s been striving to lend his eye for function and aesthetics to a variety of industries. When he’s not in the studio, he’s probably out searching for new dive bars in Philly or trying to bag some ducks down in the Chesapeake lowcountry.

Garrett Meccariello

Garrett’s fascination with human behavior transcends into the business realm where research and strategy coincide to affect an actionable impact on the task at hand. His background includes experience in research, strategic planning, marketing and economics (both behavioral and traditional). He is currently studying for his Masters in Behavioral and Decision Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania.

Bryan Hutches

The newest addition to Branding Times, Bryan focuses on the less talked about aspects of design. He enjoys researching brands of all types and how design plays a role in their success.